How Palmistry could Predict your Life ?

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Dr. Manish Rawat Astrologer

Dr. Manish Rawat Astrologer

Palmistry is an integral part of astrology, and uses hand lines, mounts and marks on the palm to read and predict life. A proficient palm reader Dr. Manish Rawat, astrologer can give you step by step recording of your life from birth to future by reading the lines on palm. Following is basic information about palmistry to help you understand the logic behind the reading:

Life Line

It is one of the most important and long line on your hand, which not only reveals about your longevity, but also discloses other aspects of your life. You will also get know about the person’s life energy, force and vitality. The length and strength of life line relates to the life energy and force drive in the life of a person. Any break in the life line indicates a major change in lifestyle, career, home or more.

Heart Line

The heart line is better known as the curve of creativity and speaks about the emotional aspect of person. It also shares whether the person is warm and accommodating or reserved in nature. If the heart line is strong and long, then the person used to have cold temperament. Heart line basically shares a record of both physical condition of the heart and emotional state of mind of a person.

Fate Line

Fate line is also known as the career line or line of Saturn. It educates you about the career and work prospect in the life. Based on the strength of the fate line, your goal and living aspects will be determined.

There are different kinds of lines that you got to read as part of palmistry. You can get such information from, and enhance your knowledge.

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