Manish Rawat Astrologer: Astrology Yantra

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Manish Rawat Astrologer: Astrology Yantra

Yantra is a pure graphic expressions of deities in the form of geometrical or diagrammatic designs comprising variant formation of lines and circles in the personification of human as each line represents the body parts of deities. Yantras are pious and supreme images of deities if people could perceive them and are far more divine then portraits of God and Goddess while if people can’t understand the expressions Yantras carry then it’s better to worship idols and picture of deities only as it won’t impact well without the right perception and further in general understanding, people connects more deeply with idols and pictures of deities. In Hindu religious arena, we are endowed with Yantras for almost every deity we adore.

Significance of Yantra

Vedic astrology has given great importance to yantra as a astrological remedy. Vedic astrology recommends yantra as a cure to malefic planets in a horoscope. Yantras are also used to enhance the benefic impacts of yoga-karaka or benefic planets. They are considered to be the supreme personification of deities as well carrying divine essence to bestow all the divine blessings of deities and planets to humans and to take them closer to divine souls through the path of Yantras and to make it quiet simpler for mortal beings. These divine graphics bestow us all the positive reflection from the heaven and vanish all the negativity prevailing around and so on it brings all the happiness and peace at home and work place.

Geometrical types of Yantra

There are certain meanings of each geometrical form in Yantras as follows:

Circle - Energy of the element water

Square - Energy of the element earth

Triangle - Energy of the element fire

Diagonal lines - Energy of the element air

Horizontal line - Energy of the element water

Vertical line - Energy of the element fire

Point - Energy of the element ether

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